Sourcing Management Maximize Your Organization's Sourcing Potential


Coupa Sourcing: Drive More Than a Process

Maximize scarce resources with easy-to-use templates and group sourcing programs that free up limited resources. Ensure you get the best information to optimize business results when sourcing indirect goods, services, and much more.
  • Unlock Sourcing Opportunities

    Real-time spend visibility and suggestion alerts unlock new sourcing opportunities and drive even more value for your business.

  • Amplify Sourcing Reach

    Easy-to-use templates and group sourcing programs let you target tail spend while ensuring a 100% compliant process.

  • Transform Potential Savings into Real Value

    Start realizing value immediately by pushing bid results into contracting and purchasing and automatically validating invoices for value capture.

  • Unlock Sourcing Opportunities
  • Amplify Sourcing Reach
  • Transform Potential Savings into Real Value
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Cut Research Time With Prescriptive Alerts

Use Coupa to get suggestions on sourcing opportunities including contracts nearing expiration, large in-flight purchase requests, and more. Browse Coupa's directory for thousands of pre-rated, pre-enabled suppliers or filter by Diversity status, community ratings, geography

Easily Run Transparent, Structured Events

Give managers the tools they need to efficiently run multiple event types, including RFPs, RFIs, and reverse auctions. Electronically gather bids in a consistent format for structured apples-to-apples comparisons and let managers determine specific attributes and score weightings for fair and optimal awards.

Sourcing Customized for the End User

With preconfigured templates and a simple, straightforward user interface, sourcing processes are contained in one useful dashboard that key stakeholders can leverage in real time. What used to take weeks can now take just hours.

Get Pre-Sourced, Pre-Enabled Suppliers for Free

Save time for sourcing and procurement teams while leveraging the collective buying power of the Coupa community with pre-sourced, pre-negotiated, pre-enabled suppliers in common categories such as office supplies, rental cars, promotional items, and more.
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Collaborate for Greater Expertise and Leverage

Source Together leverages the scale of the Coupa community to connect businesses with common purchasing needs for group sourcing events that capture greater savings.
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Packaging Leader Gets ROI with a Single Event
See how Grief covered the cost of adding Coupa Sourcing to their BSM strategy in a single event and saved $3.5M in a single year.
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