Electronic Invoicing Software System

Visibility, Compliance, Control with Coupa's Electronic Invoice Software System

With Coupa's electronic invoicing automatic capture and processing, your electronic invoice will be ready to pay within days. And with insight from Coupa Invoicing’s dashboards, finance can optimize payment schedules to capture discounts and manage cash. Benchmarks and trend analysis will help you identify bottlenecks, while Coupa’s e-invoicing administration tools allow you to optimize without calling IT. And when audit time rolls around, you’ll be ready.

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Visibility into outstanding obligations - Electronic invoice capture means no more waiting for internal processing to report on obligations.

Global Compliance - With Coupa’s Electronic Invoicing software system, a visual indicator instantly verifies compliance with country specific regulations spanning Content, Authenticity, Integrity, and Archiving.

Auditability - With Coupa’s Electronic Invoicing system, international customers can comfortably satisfy tax auditors with original PDF invoices that are clear and easy to read, and a complete audit trail.

Benchmark data - With Coupa’s electronic invoice software, compare your performance to aggregate benchmarks compiled from usage data across hundreds of Coupa customers (all shared data is anonymous).

Process insights - Identify trends and pinch points in your electronic invoicing process for continual improvement and cost reduction with Coupa’s electronic invoicing system.

Cloud agility - Coupa’s highly-configurable electronic invoicing SaaS model delivers extremely rapid time-to-value, together with the flexibility to optimize over time without requiring extensive (and expensive) IT resources.

Features At A Glance

Track business objectives such as on-time payment and realization of early payment discounts. Understand trends in key operational metrics such as electronic invoicing adoption with Coupa’s electronic invoice system.

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